Georgetown and Sunrise Coal, LLC Hold a “Public” Meeting

Please plan to attend (and bring a friend)

Georgetown and Sunrise Coal:  Update on Georgetown’s Water and proposed coal mine near Homer, IL

Friday Aug 2

6:00 pm

Mary Miller Jr. High School

414 W. West Street

Georgetown, IL


Note: Questions must be submitted in writing at the beginning of the meeting; the mayor’s daughter will sort through them and pass them off to either the mayor, a  Sunrise Coal PR person, or the engineering consultants to answer. Unfortunately, the Mayor of Georgetown is not allowing spontaneous questions from the floor. Please prepare for this meeting by jotting down your questions on small separate sheets of paper. For  last minute questions, we’ll have paper and pencils on hand at the meeting.



After nearly a month of requesting this meeting and after Stand Up To Coal and Prairie Rivers Network held our own meeting, the City of Georgetown has finally agreed to hold a public meeting to answer questions about the contract between Georgetown and Sunrise Coal, LLC for production water for the proposed Bulldog Mine.

This meeting is being held at an inconvenient time for many participating in the Georgetown Fair and has not received any news coverage of which we’re aware.

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