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Sunrise Coal, LLC has proposed to open a coal mine in southwest Vermilion County, IL. They are targeting village and county officials in order to secure access to the resources and infrastructure they need to operate – including large amounts of water – in spite of growing community concerns about the negative impacts a new coal mine would have on local land, water, air and communities.

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  1. Add your voice by signing our online petition letting village and county officials know that you support their efforts to protect our land, air and water from Sunrise Coal’s proposed Bulldog coal mine. We encourage you to personalize your message!
  2. Check “Keep Me Informed” and you will receive periodic updates and action alerts about the proposed mine.
  3. Click “Sign Now”. This petition and associated signatures will be sent to local village and county units of government. By submitting this form, your name and address will become part of a public record. We will not share your personal information for any other purpose.
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