Village to Discuss Water Sale Tonight in Homer

Click for map of area Groundwater Resources

At its meeting tonight, July 9th, at 7:00pm the Village of Homer Board will consider requests from Sunrise Coal LLC to purchase water and sewer services for their proposed coal mine.

This is the first time that any action related to Sunrise’s proposed coal mine will have been officially addressed at a village board meeting. The demand for large quantities of water for coal washing and underground operations is a critical concern to East Central Illinois landowners, residents, farmers and concerned citizens, who rely on the area’s limited supply of clean groundwater and surface water for drinking, agriculture and recreation.

We urge everyone to attend the meeting to learn about the water and sewer issues and voice their concerns to elected officials. The meeting will take place at the Village Hall, 500 East 2nd Street in Homer, IL.

UPDATE: Sunrise Coal’s request for water is now available. This request will be considered at the July 30th meeting of the Water Committee at 7:00pm at the Village Hall, 500 East 2nd Street in Homer, IL. This meeting is open to the public.

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