Call on Vermilion County Board to Stand Up for Farms and Clean Water!

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Vermilion County Board, farmers and rural residents boarded a bus to Danville to call on board members to send a strong message against coal mining in Vermilion County by passing a resolution to protect local farmland and water resources.

“In today’s high-population world, food production trumps everything. We’d be foolish to buy into a scheme that damages the land, water, health resources and long-term viability of our communities,” explained retired Sidell farmer and Stand Up To Coal co-founder Charles Goodall.

The Vermilion County Board has a chance to be leader in the state by taking innovative steps to protect resources from coal mining. By acting on this resolution the County Board would send a strong message that it intends to play an active role in protecting the County’s resources from destructive coal mining and coal waste disposal.

Board members need to hear from their constituents how the proposed mine would affect them! Please call your Vermilion County Board Members at (217) 554-6000 or reach them by email to let them know that you support Stand Up To Coal’s proposed resolution, and that you want them to protect local farms and water to the fullest extent.

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