UPDATE: Fighting a Coal Mine During COVID-19

The fight against the proposed Bulldog mine continues during the pandemic. Stand Up To Coal has filed for an administrative review of the IDNR mining permit. The mine’s lawyers have submitted a petition to dismiss Stand Up To Coal and a number of individual petitioners from participating in the Administrative Review. The Petitioner Dismissal Hearing that was originally scheduled for April 2nd was cancelled due to COVID-19 related concerns. It is now tentatively rescheduled for Thursday, May 21st. However, we will not have more details about the format until the week before (May 15th), and everyone’s top priority is finding a way to do this safely while also preserving the integrity of the process. Stay tuned here for updates.

A few other items:

  • Please sign the petition to stop the Bulldog Mine (hosted by Prairie Rivers Network). Illinois does not need another new coal mine!
  • Consider helping to support the costs of our legal and technical experts for the administrative review.
  • In the news: Hallador, the parent company of the mine’s developer, received $10 million from the small business loan stimulus.
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