UPDATE: Petitioner Dismissal Hearing on April 2nd

The mine has filed a motion to dismiss Stand Up To Coal and many of the other petitioners who are challenging the mine permit. The dismissal, if approved, would prevent Stand Up To Coal and other petitioners from participating in the Administrative Review of the IDNR mining permit. The Administrative Review is the last chance to challenge the mining permit, a process in which the permit is evaluated to see if it meets the letter of the law.

The hearing on the dismissal is on April 2nd in Springfield. The hearing is open to the public to listen, so anyone can attend to show support for Stand Up To Coal. Wear a green shirt to show your support for Stand Up To Coal! Come early to attend our press conference. Illinois does not need a new coal mine.

The Administrative Review process requires legal and technical experts. Please consider directly supporting the costs by donating to Stand Up To Coal.

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